2019 Finalists will be announced April 25-28th at E-Capital Summit in Dallas, Texas.

Winners will be announced June 28th, 2019 in Aspen, Colorado.

The Keeling Curve Prize is a global warming solutions project.

Each year, we award hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money to projects across the globe that have significant potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or increase uptake.

$25,000 per project, ten projects per year… and growing.

What kinds of projects are we looking for? (Applications open December 1st annually)

Carbon Capture & Utilization: From emerging carbon markets to reforestation, this category is for projects that directly sequester, and in many cases, use the captured carbon as a marketable product.

Energy Access: With growing global population and changing demographics, this category is for projects that promote low-cost and reliable energy as a strategy to replace and discourage the development of continued fossil fuel use.

Finance: As clean energy applications evolve, so must funding strategies. This category supports projects that work to increase and improve the flow of funding across all avenues of clean energy development and deployment.

Transportation: From charging stations to freight logistics, mobility is a broad topic with vast room for improvement. This category supports high-impact improvements from personal to industry-level applications.

Social & Cultural Impacts: This category is dedicated to the ‘human question.’ What about our cultural attitudes toward global warming need to change? Who is helping turn the tide and how?


Past projects have included: software for improved appliance efficiency, creation of renewable fuels, access to safer sources of fuel and light for underdeveloped communities, improved agricultural strategy, more easily implemented hydropower, and nano-satellite greenhouse gas monitoring.

Around the world, people are diligently at work on projects that address the complexity of skyrocketing greenhouse gas emissions. The success of a diversity of projects is essential. Harnessing the expertise of global leaders, we activate solutions. The Keeling Curve Prize is proud to 'water the grass.'

From many seeds, the solutions grow.

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