The Keeling Curve Prize is a global warming solutions project.

Each year, we award hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money to projects across the globe that have significant potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or increase uptake.

These projects have included: software for improved appliance efficiency, creation of renewable fuels, access to safer sources of fuel and light for underdeveloped communities, improved agricultural strategy, more easily implemented hydropower, and nano-satellite greenhouse gas monitoring.

2019 Winners will be announced in June, 2019 in Aspen, Colorado.

Around the world, people are diligently at work on projects that address the complexity of skyrocketing greenhouse gas emissions. The success of a diversity of projects is essential. Harnessing the expertise of global leaders, we activate solutions. The Keeling Curve Prize is proud to 'water the grass.'

From many seeds, the solutions grow.

2018 Winners:


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So, what is the Keeling Curve Prize all about?

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