The Keeling Curve Prize 2019 will award excellence for ten projects in five categories that reduce, eliminate, and/or increase uptake of greenhouse gas emissions. Winning projects may include advancing innovation, tools and techniques for improved systems, materials and design enhancements, as well as strategies and actions that lead to reversing emissions. These projects may be specialized or simple, but ultimately, they improve and decarbonize our lives. We encourage your application if your project uniquely addresses an unresolved challenge, or is a novel development. The categories are designed to encourage a broad spectrum of applicants working along many different angles and stages in the following areas:


Projects in this category are advancing technological and natural strategies for capturing heat-trapping gases from the air or oceans. They bring these strategies to the forefront of the marketplace, and provide methods for verification. These groups are actively creating solutions that restore the natural carbon cycle. They are developing, improving, and implementing their projects with a particular emphasis on both natural and tech-based sequestration and long-term financial viability. This includes: land-based solutions, technology for GHG capture systems, advances in verification for natural sequestration, markets for captured gases, and longevity of uptake. These may include but are not limited to afforestation, soil enhancement, gas recycling, waste-to-energy, and improved cement products.

Keywords: sequestration, carbon products, carbon capture, decarbonization, atmospheric sciences, biomass crops, afforestation, land management solutions