The Keeling Curve Prize 2019 will award excellence for ten projects in five categories that reduce, eliminate, and/or increase uptake of greenhouse gas emissions. Winning projects may include advancing innovation, tools and techniques for improved systems, materials and design enhancements, as well as strategies and actions that lead to reversing emissions. These projects may be specialized or simple, but ultimately, they improve and decarbonize our lives. We encourage your application if your project uniquely addresses an unresolved challenge, or is a novel development. The categories are designed to encourage a broad spectrum of applicants working along many different angles and stages in the following areas:


Projects in this category are leading the way in the creation, deployment, maintenance, or improvement of low cost, zero-emissions energy access worldwide, in particular, in areas that currently experience energy poverty. The solutions target regional, national, or international needs, and should consider economic accessibility, scalability, and strategic competitiveness with fossil fuels as main goals. Projects that improve energy access for less-developed communities in swift and stable ways (especially those vulnerable to increased coal/fossil fuel use), or projects that reduce the emissions of energy systems already in place are especially encouraged to apply.

Keywords: infrastructure, renewable integration, storage, solar power, wind power, hydropower, grid improvement, funding barriers, decentralized energy, micro-grid