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Carbon Capture and Utilization

Bluefield Technologies Inc. Cost-effective, sensitive, and precise monitoring for methane leaks using microsatellite-hosted sensors and AI.

Regen Network Blockchain technology and track and monitor soil health from sensors and remote sensing to create a data marketplace for governments and other institutions.

Energy Access

10POWER Fostering regenerative international development through sustainable innovation; developing and financing renewable energy projects in markets lacking access to energy.

Oorja Development Solutions, LTD. Solar water pumping irrigation systems for last mile rural markets replacing diesel as fuel.


Ma’anshan Rural Commercial Bank The first green commercial bank in China, aiming to establish a credible model of green transformation in small and medium-sized banks in China and around the globe.

Odyssey Energy Solutions A software company that facilitates the financing and development of off-grid distributed energy projects address rural energy poverty in developing countries.


Bridges to Prosperity Providing economic mobility to rural communities in developing countries while reducing the need for vehicle infrastructure by building pedestrian footbridges for crucial ‘last mile’ connections.

Green Gas Embedding voluntary carbon offsets into gas purchases in order to raise money for verified carbon reduction and sequestration programs.

Social & Culture Impacts

Doc Society (Mothers of Invention) A podcast supporting new voices and narratives in the climate debate by talking about climate solutions through a climate justice and gender lens.

EcoChallenge.Org A digital platform to inspire, educate, and activate behavior change and emissions reduction with targeted campaigns.