The Keeling Curve Prize 2019 will award excellence for ten projects in five categories that reduce, eliminate, and/or increase uptake of greenhouse gas emissions. Winning projects may include advancing innovation, tools and techniques for improved systems, materials and design enhancements, as well as strategies and actions that lead to reversing emissions. These projects may be specialized or simple, but ultimately, they improve and decarbonize our lives. We encourage your application if your project uniquely addresses an unresolved challenge, or is a novel development. The categories are designed to encourage a broad spectrum of applicants working along many different angles and stages in the following areas:  


Projects that apply in this category are creating and deploying financial mechanisms that consider ecological, atmospheric, and human wellness on equal footing with economic ideals. These projects are designed to counterbalance or replace financial strategies that fail to account for sustainability and equity. These include widespread participation by marginalized communities, and economic valuation of thriving ecosystems where positive impact has been independently verified.

Keywords: scalable/novel investment funds or vehicles, rating systems, credit swaps, bonds, investment partnerships