Created in 2017, the Keeling Curve Prize rewards a diverse selection of projects reducing greenhouse gas emissions or increasing carbon uptake.


Our goal is to advance the knowledge, development, and/or implementation of contemporary solutions that will make a prosperous future viable.

The first-year categories were Energy Storage, Climate-Smart Agriculture, Distributed/Decentralized Energy, and the game-changer, 'The Accelerator.'

Energy Storage:

Climate-Smart Agriculture:

Distributed/Decentralized Energy:

The Accelerator:


At the Keeling Curve Prize, we recognize that our duty to draw down emissions and slow global warming requires the success of not just one silver bullet, but of an evolving network of solutions. Without swift implementation of wide-ranging and divergent strategies, we won't decelerate global warming and its consequences.

Our mission, to promote this coalition, is accomplished with prize money awarded to not only one, but to many projects annually - we expect this award to expand. In addition, we stay alongside our winners, learning about their challenges and victories. We form relationships with other organizations, foundations, leaders, experts, and mentors, in order to boost the visibility and resources, and therefore, the successes of the projects we are so proud to promote.   

When you've been recognized by the Keeling Curve Prize, you've found an ally.

β€˜The Keeling Curve Prize is a wonderful way to continue the process of harnessing the best ideas to help combat climate change.’
David Bookbinder, Niskanen Center