Kenyan company, Chemolex, increases capacity to turn invasive plants into viable biofuel.


Co-founder, Clifford Okoth, shares an update:

'We have procured an improved reactor that will be used in the production of bio fuel from water hyacinth. The improved reactor will give us the capability to produce 5000 liters of biofuel at once. This is indeed a significant improvement from the previous reactor that only produced 600 liters.

We have already procured an improved machine that can be used to remove the water hyacinth from the lake. Previously, we used human labor in removing the water hyacinth. By using this machine we are currently able to remove more than 500 kg of water hyacinth on a daily basis. This is indeed double as previously we only managed to remove less than 130 kg using the human labor which was also very expensive.

We have also used a small percentage of the Award money to improve our online visibility and market penetration in the target market. By the end of the month, customers will be able to access our Company through the website and we have also conducted door to door marketing to exhibit and explain to our target customers the benefits of using the biofuel as an alternative to charcoal and wood. We project to reach additional 500 households by the end of next month.

By winning the Award, we were able to attract the attention of the our Kenya National Innovation Agency. Our project have thus received significant attention from them and they have promised to help us in accessing relevant government authorities and government licenses.'