What We’re About, and How You Can Help

Our goal is to be as effective and creative as possible as we get funding to the projects that do their part to balance global greenhouse gas emissions. It really is that simple.

The way we see it, no one needs to be ‘invited to the table’ — we’re all here.

The question is, what do you bring?

The mission of the Keeling Curve Prize is lofty, but to us, nonnegotiable, and it’ll only be reached by a well-rounded fleet of successful projects, collaborating strengths, and creative perspectives. We live by that— in our personal lives, in our communities, and within the function of the organization as well.

Whether you are a philanthropist or an investor, or someone who wants to support great projects but doesn’t know where to start, we have something for you.

All of these projects, and the categories themselves, have been approved our Analyst Team and Advisory Council. These trusted people are scientists, analysts, longtime experts, and dedicated to the implementation of sound climate strategies. Each brings passion, discernment, and experience to our evaluation process. At the Keeling Curve Prize, we are proud to offer the winning projects and categories that result from months of deliberations.

You can trust our evaluation process to bring you an exciting array of projects that need leverage, investment, or donations. Here is what YOU can do to help!

Dig in. Get inspired. Spread the word.

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