The Keeling Curve Prize 2019 will award excellence for ten projects in five categories that reduce, eliminate, and/or increase uptake of greenhouse gas emissions. Winning projects may include advancing innovation, tools and techniques for improved systems, materials and design enhancements, as well as strategies and actions that lead to reversing emissions. These projects may be specialized or simple, but ultimately, they improve and decarbonize our lives. We encourage your application if your project uniquely addresses an unresolved challenge, or is a novel development. The categories are designed to encourage a broad spectrum of applicants working along many different angles and stages in the following areas:


Projects that apply in this category should be reimagining and reinventing travel for people and products.These projects will confront the efficiency of the vehicles themselves and their manufacture, the roadways or other systems over which the vehicles travel, waste-reduction in supply chain distribution, improvements in fleet management, mass transit scheduling and efficiency, rural access to zero-emissions transportation, power sources and charging for electric vehicles, and more. We strongly encourage the application for any project that accelerates power source and modal shifts, addresses weak and wasteful transport systems, and challenges the viability of the internal combustion engine.

Keywords: freight, passenger, electric vehicles, delivery logistics, energy sources, charging, infrastructure, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, ocean freight, vehicle manufacture