Created in 2017, the Keeling Curve Prize rewards a diverse selection of projects reducing greenhouse gas emissions or increasing carbon uptake.

Our goal is to advance the knowledge, development, and/or implementation of contemporary solutions that will make a prosperous future viable.



The Carbon Cycle is in trouble.

Learn More about our never-before-seen levels of atmospherice carbon dioxide.



Humans caused it:

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How to we talk about scientific discovery, both as scientists and as concerned citizens?

The KCP upholds clarity and accuracy in public dialogue when it comes to communicating on complex climate challenges and solutions.

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Humans CAN help.



It's easy to think tech-innovation alone , but the KCP works to innovate how we strategize for public engagement , how our analyst team evaluates solutions , and how to most effectively deploy aid to emissions reduction projects.

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The solutions we need to address our climate crisis our out there , and more arrive every day.

The KCP offers not only our own funding , but works to find additional sources of funding for projects as well as port opportunities.

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