Check out the amazing KCP2018 winners…

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What we love: Our Climate is mobilizing young people to understand and advocate for carbon pricing. It’s too cheap to burn dirty fuel! We have healthier options. Thank you Our Climate for making green solutions more appealing.


What we love: Takachar makes low-cost, local, and ecofriendly cooking fuel. They set up waste-to-fuel enterprises, create jobs, and make use of otherwise unmanaged agricultural residues. This is a well-rounded, future-minded, real deal, folks!


What we love: Leading the charge for regenerative agriculture, Savory Institute helps land management folks determine the best strategy to protect the well-being of local ecology as well as the productivity of agricultural ventures. Look for their stamp of approval on products in your grocery store!

What we love: Bolder Industries creates a high quality ‘green’ carbon black (that stuff that gets injected into rubber to improve its durability) by recycling used tires. That’s just the beginning! Keep your eyes out for all kinds of recycled industrial materials from BI that help greenify everyday life. Waste-to-energy to the max!


What we love: This winner duo are two sides of the vital work to educate farmers and government officials on the agricultural practices that help protect those most vulnerable to climate change. Higher crop yields and improved security. Climate justice in action! Education and implementation!

What we love: Pollinate Energy jumped in to solve a problem (dirty appliances in rural India and their negative health effects), while also empowering locals as salespeople. Way to go, Pollinate!

What we love: LanzaTech is ahead of the curve in spurring carbon markets by creating chemicals and fuels from emitted carbon. Carbon products are a major link in the climate solution chain and demonstrate that not only is sequestration the right thing to do, it’s also a viable business strategy. Look for them rubbing elbows with Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Air!

What we love: WattTime employs not only forward-looking tech innovations, but also behavioral economics to make them work. We admire the dedication of the WattTime team to share their knowledge with other teams and projects. The spirit of collaboration!


What we love: Can we have hydro power without all the compromises to the environment? Natel Energy is doing just that. Their small, modular hydropower systems are designed not to disrupt the environment and surrounding areas the way larger systems do. They are faster and easier to build. Deploy the hydro!


What we love: What an amazing project! If you didn’t already know, water hyacinth is an invasive species in Kenya. Chemolex converts this trouble-making pest into useful biofuel. Could you get any more KCP with this one? Local solutions are global solutions!